4H is active spare time for all engaged children and young people with an interest in nature, food and animals. 4H gives you community through practical and creative activities.

The idea in 4H is "learning by doing"

  • We offer active and innovative spare time activities that give children and young people multiple skills
  • We give children and young people influence locally and nationally, insight into democracy and experience of self-creating development
  • We offer activities that strengthen the community in and among families
  • We give children and young people an understanding of nature and society
  • We create activity and life in the local community, in rural areas and in the city
  • We give children and young people faith in the future of the individual, for the community and for an active life


  • 4H shall based on the individual teaching, learn children and young people to take responsibility for themselves and the outside world in an equal and inclusive community
  • 4H starts with practical experiences and challenges within the areas of nature, food and animals
  • 4h will offer activities that bring children and adults together

Hands-On Experiences

More young people need the kind of hands-on, youth-led experiences that 4H provides.

Experiences where they learn by doing, grow from failure, express their ideas and use their influence to drive positive outcomes.

Adult mentors provide guidance, ask questions, share learnings and encourage.