Aktiviteter i Frekvens

Ungelandsmøde, Frekvens-weekend, Overlevelsesture, Rejser, Deltagelse i lejre i Danmark og Europa, Udvikling af nye koncepter i 4H, Fællesskab mellem unge 4H'ere i hele landet

Life on the Line 5.-11. december 2017 



Life on the Line - MOVIE - se den her 



Summary of the evaluation

Overall positive

• Learned a lot
• A new view on culture, a bigger view on how everyone is the same even if there are different cultures
• A lot of new friends
• New and better understanding of the human rights
• The flash mob was really fun, could have trained more for it
• More time in Copenhagen, to be in the city
• Would have liked to see all the leaders more in the evening and during the day
• More free time
• More program, discussions
• More doing, less talking
• The level of the workshops was to basic

Festival was fun, but:
• Could have been more organized
• Good that the participants got to organize/should have been less responsibility to the participants
• Could have been a workshop to make posters for the stations
• Less windy place
• Only 1-2 hours instead of 4 since it was December
• All together from the beginning
But they all liked the festival and felt like they participated

• The workshops on discovery time were good, but: could have been shorter/longer (discovery time)
• Some confusion on what to do in workshops and were, but overall good (discovery time)

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